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Why become a Frenchic stockist in France?

We could tell you that in one sentence; once you have tried Frenchic products, you won’t want to use or promote anything else. 

But any paint company could say that. And many do, particularly those who are only interested in selling paint.

Frenchic is different. It is selling a belief that concurs with today’s ethos; that we can enrich our lives and enhance our surroundings, without a detrimental effect on ourselves or the planet.

How did we meet that belief with a tin of chalk-paint? 

First, Frenchic has developed a chalk-paint that really is environmentally friendly. All our paints are EN;71-3 certified, meaning they are safe for children. They are all low in VOCs. They are all non-toxic and blissfully odourless. 

Second, the research and development team has eradicated all those little niggles that make painting a chore. The tin doesn’t need shaking. The paint doesn’t need stirring. The consistency is excellent and homogenous, yet dilutes well if desired. It is easy to apply, and often only needs one coat. The result is excellent and it can be used on most surfaces. It is suitable for a wide variety of techniques and finishes. It doesn’t take forever to dry. And last but not least, it is hard-wearing.

Third, Frenchic believes in listening to clients’ requests and acting on them where possible, which can be seen by our recent additions and new ranges.

All that sounds great, doesn’t it, and a convincing reason to sell the paint.

But that is only half the Frenchic story.

Instead of looking for stockists, Frenchic could have just sold its products to large chain stores and let the money roll in. After all, chalk-paint is bang on trend and Frenchic is a quality product. 

However, Frenchic is so much more than chalk paint. It is part of a fast-growing culture in France (and worldwide), filled with people who are passionate about relooking, recycling, up-cycling, as well as home and garden improvement. A community of people who don’t just want to buy and use chalk-paint: they want to talk, discuss and share their enthusiasm and ideas. They want to connect with like-minded people. They want to grow, improve their skills and contribute. And they are unlikely to get that, buying from a large shop, which, as we all know, is often a lonely, frustrating occupation.

However, buying from a smaller shop where the stockist is friendly, enthusiastic and on the same wave-length, is positive and rewarding. It becomes a pleasurable interlude, as much about connecting and sharing as it is about buying and selling. 

And Frenchic stockists offer even more. With the backing of a world-wide team of suppliers who have a true team spirit, along with their wealth of tips, tricks, advice and experience, each stockist, even a new one, is more than a sales-person. He or she is a resource, with a gold-mine of information at their fingertips. A bonus that clients love.

Sound appealing?

If so, read on to find out why being a Frenchic Stockist in France is as stress-free as it gets.

None of our stockists are left feeling isolated. All have support, at every level, including that of our proactive founder, Pammy Gruhn. 

None of our stockists need fight for their corner of the market. We give each one a generous exclusive territory around their shop premises, which is why there is a feeling of community rather than competition.

None of our stockists risk being undercut. There is a zero-tolerance policy of selling abroad via online sites.

And a plus here in France; all our stockists benefit from help with translation in those early days if required, to promote their business to a wider audience.

We all know if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. To refute that idea, we invite you to look at the outstanding Frenchic figures, which speak for themselves.

Pammy Gruhn started Frenchic in her garage in November 2014. She had no stockists, no orders, no backing from the ‘experts’, only a belief, a passion and a vision. She was a lone voice, competing with established brands. Now, just three years later, she has over 400 stockists in 23 countries, a worldwide reputation, and a Facebook following of over 200,000. And Frenchic client numbers are growing daily, here and abroad.

If you are entrepreneurial, and what you have read fires your enthusiasm, feel free to download our stockist’s application form. Once you have filled it in and sent it back, we will contact you for a friendly chat. No strings!

To finish, this is Frenchic France’s belief. Yes, Frenchic is an excellent brand, but its ongoing and snowballing success also comes from the inspiring community Pammy and her stockists have built. That is what makes Frenchic stand out from the crowd. And that is why we aim to develop our own French-speaking Frenchic forum here, with the same goals.  

In the meantime, we will leave you with a thank you for reading this. And a link where you can visit and even join our remarkable global community. We are certain the thousands of posts will inspire you! 

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Many thanks,
Frenchic Team France